The 8 C’s of Online Marketing Success

Is your B2B company using the power of online marketing to its fullest potential? If your online marketing strategy is half-baked and your efforts to implement superficial, you may be doing more harm than good. Online marketing tools help you accomplish your marketing initiatives, so using them effectively is critical. It’s imperative that you optimize the value of your online marketing campaign to gain ROI, build your business and capture your target audience.

There are 8 C’s that will help you make the most of your online marketing campaign:

1. Content

Content is the hub through which all other marketing channels thrive, especially in the digital world. Your digital marketing efforts likely include a combination of search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing and potentially video marketing. Without great content to promote on these channels, these efforts don’t just fall flat – they never get off the ground. The key to developing smart, meter-moving content is to start with defining your buyer personas and conducting keyword research to understand how consumers search for your company’s offerings online. From there you can develop blogs to boost your SEO efforts and create compelling content assets to promote via SEM, video marketing and social media.

2. Channels

Online marketing is only as effective as the strategies you use. Prior to executing any tactics, hold a comprehensive strategy session with your company’s marketing and sales stakeholders about the online marketing channels you should utilize. SEM, which includes pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, might be the right tactic for you if you have a large budget. If you’re seeking a quick marketing boost, SEO may not be the way to go since it’s a long-term investment. To determine which channels best suit your business, map out yearly, quarterly and monthly lead-generation goals to define your expectations and ensure a strategic approach to online efforts.

3. Change Management

Practicing the art of change management is vital to success across all marketing channels, whether online or off. The difference between the particular change dynamics of digital and traditional marketing, however, is that online marketing advances at such a rapid pace that the ability to stay on top of trends and learn new capabilities can be challenging. Making time to learn new tactics is not a luxury that most in-house B2B marketing departments have. As a result, companies often choose to engage with a modern marketing agency when it comes to digital. Agencies have digital marketing specialists who educate themselves on the latest technology and test new tools for validity and ROI every day.

4. Communities

Look to your buyer personas to determine which channels you should target in building online communities that will encourage interaction with your brand and team. If you’re a B2C company that offers interior design services, Pinterest might be a viable platform for building your community. But for B2B companies, LinkedIn is a highly effective tool that offers different ways to engage with professional audiences, including company pages, LinkedIn groups and InMail messaging. Consider other marketing efforts such as Twitter chats and podcasts to grow closer with your community and stir discussion about relevant topics that interest them.

5. CVs

A CV or curriculum vitae is a lengthy resume that details all of your experience and skills. In a business context, a digital CV is a way to showcase your company’s thought leaders. Whether you’re using SEO, SEM, social media or video to reach your target audience, it’s important to boost content credibility by attributing authors to each piece and linking to their online profiles. Build trust and authority within your community by putting a face to the content you publish. Link to team members’ LinkedIn profiles, professional Twitter pages or other articles and pieces that they’ve created.

6. Call Back

A big distinguishing characteristic between online marketing and traditional marketing is the immediate gratification that digital tactics can provide. But digital is not a strategy that you can set and forget. Viewers of an online advertisement have the ability to use click-to-call buttons or instantly access samples of your work. And once a lead converts via an online form or reaches out to inquire about a product or service, it’s important to promptly follow up while the lead is ripe with interest.

7. Closing the Loop

One of the most beautiful things about online marketing is its ability to be effectively measured. It can be difficult to prove the success rate of awareness-driven marketing tactics such as public relations and social media, but that’s not the case with digital. For tactics such as SEO and SEM, marketing professionals can look to tools like Google Analytics to measure success rate on a daily basis. When your marketing agency communicates these measurables, work with them to develop a proper cadence for providing feedback on how sales leads pan out. This will allow your entire team to optimize both marketing and sales programs for what really works.

8. Compliance

For PPC advertising on Google, there are a number of rules, which can vary by industry, that marketers must follow to ensure compliance. For example, if we look to Google’s Advertising Policy for healthcare companies, the search engine actually restricts the promotion of healthcare-related content such as online and offline pharmacies, pregnancy and fertility products and services, medical services and procedures, clinical trial recruitment and sexual enhancement treatments. Compliance considerations also extend to the design of advertisements themselves.

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