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HubSpot Platinum Partner Insights: Highlighting 5 Mid-Year Platform Updates

By: Jack Clark

The distinction of a HubSpot Platinum Partner signifies Sagefrog’s commitment to excellence and proficiency in delivering top-notch marketing solutions to our clients. This synergistic relationship ensures our partners receive the best possible service, support, and insights from HubSpot’s powerful platform.

Sagefrog is proud to leverage our expertise and stay ahead of the curve by embracing the latest 2023 HubSpot updates that enhance our team’s marketing knowledge and provide our clients a competitive edge in achieving their business objectives.

Let’s take a closer look at how we utilize these changes as a B2B HubSpot agency to enhance our clients’ marketing outcomes:

Top Platform Updates from a HubSpot Marketing Agency

Enhanced Visibility into GDPR Privacy Settings

In an era where data privacy and compliance are paramount, Sagefrog recognizes the importance of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) adherence for our clients. HubSpot’s 2023 update provides more visibility into GDPR privacy settings allowing us to support clients in maintaining the highest data protection standards.

With this enhanced visibility, we can better inform clients about how accounts will be affected by GDPR privacy settings, enabling them to make informed decisions while ensuring compliance. This proactive approach safeguards our clients from potential legal issues and builds trust and credibility among their customers, strengthening brand reputation.

AI Content Assistant Advancements

HubSpot’s introduction of the AI Content Assistant in Public Beta is a game-changer for content creation, and Sagefrog is already harnessing AI’s potential. By integrating AI-powered content suggestions and improvements into our clients’ marketing strategies, we can produce more engaging and personalized content that resonates with target audiences in a time-efficient and effective manner.

AI Content Assistant can help improve:

  • Titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Social media posts
  • Blogs
  • Landing pages
  • Web pages
  • Emails
  • and more!

For marketing emails, it helps to refine drafts by generating copy, rewriting, and shortening, expanding, or adjusting tone. This tool can also help draft and perfect calls to action, social media captions, email subjects and descriptions, and more. Users can draft copy and promptly revise with options to rewrite, expand, summarize, or alter the tone with just a click. The AI Content Assistant and generative content help optimize and enhance content creation for maximum impact and are modern and robust solutions for the partners of a HubSpot marketing agency like Sagefrog.

AI in Marketing: 6 Tools Tested and Approved by Sagefrog Lab

Expanded Custom Properties for Marketing Campaigns

Personalization is vital for effective marketing, especially account-based marketing (ABM). HubSpot’s latest update on custom properties empowers Sagefrog to deliver our competitive and custom-tailored marketing campaigns further. With the ability to customize data storage for contacts, companies, tickets, deals, and custom objects through custom properties, we adapt HubSpot to align with our clients’ unique business models. This allows us to organize, group, filter, and report on data in ways that achieve business objectives. By implementing CRM-level custom property functionality in marketing campaigns, we enhance the precision of targeting efforts, resulting in higher conversion rates and a more seamless customer experience.

Marketing Email Analytics Now in Custom Report Builder

Understanding the performance of marketing emails is crucial for refining strategies, proper contact segmentation, and achieving optimal results. HubSpot’s update, which includes marketing email analytics as a data source in the custom report builder, is a valuable addition to Sagefrog’s analytical toolkit.

By accessing key email performance metrics, such as open rate and click-through rate (CTR), campaign open rates by budget, email performance rates by hour of the day, top ten target accounts by CTR, and even further customizable analytics alongside complete CRM reporting capabilities, we gain comprehensive insights into the effectiveness of our clients’ email campaigns.

With these insights, we can make data-driven decisions, fine-tune our clients’ email marketing strategies, and improve overall engagement and return on investment (ROI).

Cloning Static Lists

Static lists are created based on a specific set of criteria established at the time of saving. These lists don’t update automatically, so any new records that meet the criteria won’t be included. However, you can manually add or remove records from static lists. These play a significant role in segmentation and targeted marketing efforts, and HubSpot’s update that allows static lists to be cloned is a welcome enhancement, as users could previously only clone active lists.

By cloning static lists and making filter updates before saving as new lists, Sagefrog can efficiently manage various marketing tasks like:

  • Manual grouping
  • One-time email blasts
  • Deleting outdated records in bulk
  • Organizing or removing infrequently changing segments

This flexibility ensures that our clients reach the right audience precisely and accurately, leading to more successful campaigns and improved customer interactions.

Our Favorite B2B Email Marketing Best Practices & Subject Lines

Leverage Expert HubSpot Tips for Success with Sagefrog

Empowering our clients to achieve unparalleled success in their marketing endeavors is at the heart of what we do at Sagefrog. Embracing HubSpot’s 2023 updates allows us to achieve this goal further. As a distinguished HubSpot Platinum Partner, we remain committed to staying ahead of the curve and navigating the dynamic marketing landscape with precision.

The enhanced visibility into GDPR settings ensures data protection remains a top priority for our clients, fostering trust and credibility with their customers. By harnessing the power of AI content creation, customizable campaign properties, email analytics, and improved static list management, we elevate our clients’ marketing strategies to new heights, driving engagement and maximizing ROI.

At Sagefrog, we’re excited to provide these expert HubSpot tips for our clients, enabling them to forge stronger connections, reach target audiences effectively, and create a lasting impact in the ever-evolving marketing world. We embrace the future of marketing, fueled by innovation and collaboration, and keep improving our knowledge and capabilities to keep our clients jumping ahead no matter how the pond ripples.

Discover the full potential of HubSpot for your business today! Contact our experts and see how we can leapfrog your marketing efforts to new heights with our tailored solutions and innovative strategies.

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